The Family

I’m going to diverge from this blog’s original purpose of celebrating my sunny pie lad, and post some pictures from my very fist family session that I did as a part of the Pobke Magic workshop this week. It was a fantastic day;  making new friends and reconnecting with old PLUS spending some time with the photo-brained genius that is Christine. Workshops like these are so so so invaluable for those wanting to make photography a bigger part of their lives. They’re not about refining your skills or nailing a business plan (although that does happen) but instead about facing those demons that are holding you back, speaking to the voices that tell you you’re not good enough. Tony Robbins eat your heart out.

Anyway, in the last week I’ve made some big bold steps towards what I want, and what I want is to take photos of people; nothing more, nothing less. I’ve got buttloads to do to sort out the nitty gritty of it all, but in the mean time there’s nothing stopping me from shooting away while I do it. So… consider this the first of many family sessions.

What you’re seeing here is the ever charming Smith family with two of the cutest, spirited & loving children. The Smiths generously opened up their hearts and homes to not only one, but SEVEN photographers, allowing us to trace all through the house willy nilly, snapping anything and everything (these kids better be famous one day because they handled the paparazzi pack like champions). I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family, watching Christine work her magic, and most importantly learnt the difference between a plain old Nintendo DS and the obviously superior Nintendo 3DS (thanks Fin).

Thankyou xx


2 thoughts on “The Family

  1. Lozzie!!! Beautiful work, my beautiful friend!!! I’m so glad you came down and spent the day with us–you are talented and funny and awesome and I’m so proud to know you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics!!! 🙂 x

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