A long time ago, I was talking to a wise (young) man named Eli about talents. We discussed how some kids are good at maths, some kids a good at sports, and some kids are good at music. Eli looked over at a 6 month old Lior and said to him ‘You know what your talent is? It’s manners’. We laughed, because it was cute. But I’m starting to think Eli knew exactly what he was talking about. Lior has turned into the king of manners. Any time he wants anything it’s accompanied by a ‘pease’. And this politeness isn’t limited to humans; I’ve heard him addressing our cat, insects, a tree and a lightening storm is the same mannerific manner. Last week in Canberra there was a short storm. Every time the thunder rumbled Lior would look out the window and say ‘more pease’. Yesterday morning he found a blow fly upstairs buzzing against the screen, when it stopped flying around he put his face right next to the window and asked ‘more pease’. Guess we need to work on expectations with him. He also follows each sneeze, with a ‘bless you’. Agh the delight.

And along with the cute factor (seriously, so cute) it’s also proved eternally useful. Finally, he’s been granted some magic words that make things happen, he seems so much less frustrated in trying to communicate what he wants. And he’s filling in the gaps too. ‘More nacks (snacks) pease’ ‘more bath (water) pease’ ‘more book pease’ ‘more pad (iPad) pease’ ‘more boots pease (can we please go outside oh beautiful mother dear?)’. I love it, I love seeing the journey; the little steps, big steps, backward steps. He’s doing the same things as every other kid out there, but this journey is his journey, and watching it unfold is proving to be the most fulfilling thing yet.



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