Cold adventures

We’ve been blessed with so many visitors this year. One day, before we move back up north, I’ll sit down and count them up, but it has to be at least 300 or 400 (or to not lie, in the dozens, which is also awesome). Each time people come, there are certain ‘sights’ that we tour: the sugar pines, Nest, the Adelong gold mine ruins etc. but this weekend, when Lauren & Adam (and tiny little bubba) popped down for a visit, we decided to try something completely new.

There’s a sign for an arboretum just down the road, and Jeremy has said at least 50 times ‘I want to go there’ and we’ve never done it, so; we did it! It was a very peaceful and quaint pocket of forest where so many different trees seemed to coexist so well, and despite the mishmash of tree cultures, you wouldn’t know it was man made if not for these tiny little signs peppered around. Despite the pure awesomeness it was cold, and raining just a touch so we didn’t spend as much time as we would have liked to. Lior carried around a little book the entire time, obviously wanting to take advantage of any good reading moments that might arise (but alas, it wasn’t to be).

Encouraged by our way neato find, we decided to keep driving down the gravel road until we found the fabled Lake Blowering. Again, something which we’ve always seen signs for but hadn’t made the effort to go and explore. Glad we did, because it was something special.

With each little discovery, I’m convinced that this itty bitty piece of Australia is certainly one of the most beautiful, and feel privileged to have been able to spend a small part of our lives here. We’ve officially made the decision to move back to Toowoomba at the start of 2013, and I’m super duper glad that we’re actually getting off our booties and having a looksie at our surrounds.

By the way, if you can see yourself living here, let me know, our lives (or at least our current home) will be up for rent come January next year. Go on, do it, you know you wanna.

(Jeremy Tballs took a few of these photos. Just in case you think I’m taking the selfies with my feet or something crazee)



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