Lior is sick! Word on the street (aka we saw a doctor, like responsible parents do. And a real doctor, not a street ‘doctor’) is it’s just a cold. But despite (or perhaps in spite? Lior didn’t seem to like the doctor) of the diagnosis, Lior is as sick as he’s ever been. Snot snot … Continue reading

Favorite Things 2.0

Apparently babies keep growing and changing and developing, and frustratingly this has rendered many parts of my previous post ‘These are a few of…’, obsolete! Lior is proving to be a fickle being, with yesterday’s cool being today’s fool. So with all that in mind it’s time for a redo on his pint sized passions. … Continue reading

Time to play catch up

My posting has fallen by the wayside, I have suitably punished myself, don’t you worry about that! But I have been re-infected with a surge of creative inspiration (let’s see how it comes out) and have been photographing like a maniac. Please enjoy. Lior has hit the landmark 9.5 months (it’s not REALLY that big … Continue reading