Half way to a whole

So tiger boy is six months old toddddaaayyy hip hop hooray (hip hop hooray is way doper). To save tons of reading (because I know you’re all in it for cutey-pie pictures) I’m going to just post a feast for the eyes, taking a look at some of our (mine) favourite Lior themed moments. These are … Continue reading

Night time woes

Lior has always been a great sleeper. Straight out of the womb he was sleeping 4 hour stints, and by 7ish weeks he’d sleep from 10 to 7. We’ve now arrived at 7-7, something which he’s been doing pretty regularly for the last 3 months, BUT all good things come to an abrupt end (and by all, … Continue reading

These are a few…

So, by popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean my whims) it’s time for…. Oprah’s Lior’s Favourite Things!!!! Thought it expedient to note down a few of Lior’s pet loves/likes, mainly so we have something amusing to drag out when he’s a teenager. And also, because the apparently random things he has decided to love illustrate … Continue reading

The ‘Outside’

The ‘Outside’

Now I’ve got a little munchkin who is sitting AND rolling (oh boy he’s rolling huzzah!) going outside to play is more enjoyable for the team (team = Lior & me). Armed with these rocking new skills, we went to the famed ‘Ducky Park’ with the cousins (not a part of the team normally, but … Continue reading