Bookless baby book

Been thinking a lot about the virtues of a blog centered on one tiny being. I guess I’m exceptionally sensitive about becoming one of those baby-obsessed bloggers only concerned about the colour of their offspring’s pooh, but really, what other choice do you have as a mother? So I’m going to continue to post here, completely guilt free, using the excuse that this blog will serve its purpose as a virtual baby book. I can also justify its existence in the ability to share a blog with family and friends from afar, a feat that would require a whole lot of posting to and fro with a real baby book. So here we go; I’ll post weekly on a Friday, and slowly update all the milestones that I have so far neglected to record.

Anyway, let’s push on with week 15. We had our first trip down to Canberra this week. Must say I was just a tiny bit apprehensive about all the travelling, especially the plane, I’d heard many the story of babies screaming for entire flights, and needless to say I was wanting to avoid that. But we decided that instead of expecting Lior to be a pain, we’d expect him to be completely blessed. And that’s EXACTLY what we got. Lior sucked it up through the many legs of the journey, did nothing but giggle and sleep on the plane. Then we finally arrived at our destination. He chucked on the charms (as I’m sure you all know) and was exceptionally behaved the entire long weekend. Got a bit of a nasty cold, which he then oh so generously passed onto his mother, but thankfully the blessing’s extended to his health and he perked up considerably after only a day. So that meant not nasty sinus pain on the plane.

We all had a great time in our original home, and we’re definitely looking forward to coming to visit again sometime reeeeeaaaaallll soon.

Lior getting rugged up for 'cold'

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